Process Instrumentation and Automation

We advise our clients on setting up their Lab and the equipment to use following the experience and training we have in Hach (Water and waste Water Lab and process equipment manufacturer) and Water processes.

After we supply these equipment we offer training on their usage and offer support services on them. Support includes but not limited to; Supply of Consumables, Calibrations, Servicing Equipment, setting up and commissioning, Trouble shooting in case of failures and so on.

The online equipment that we offer and support in the market has controllers are that are greatly versatile with capabilities such as;

  • Process control that is of high level for running plant
  • Mix and match digital sensors/analyzers (compatible sensors)
  • being expandable and upgradable– probe modules
  • plug and play operations
  • Trending and listing of measurements which can be of any number of trend lines
  • Remote connections
  • Wireless GSM GPRS Telecommunications

Parameters that are measured using these controllers include;

  • Ammonium
  • chlorine free and total
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • conductivity
  • dissolved oxygen
  • Luminiscent DO
  • Nitrate
  • ozone
  • oil in water
  • pH,/ORO
  • phosphate
  • Sludge level
  • suspended solids
  • turbidity
  • UV Absorbance

Other parameters that can be analyzed and controlled by the use of Hach Online equipment are;

  • Sodium
  • silica
  • hardness
  • TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
  • Total nitrogen
  • total phosphorus

From process monitoring to laboratory verification, Hach is your trusted partner, assuring maximum uptime through preventative protection and superior service. Our online instrument delivers reliable results that save critical time and effort.

This makes all the difference in process instrumentation that is reliable versatile and automated.

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