Industrial/Water Treatment Chemicals

Water treatment is both external and internal. As such we offer holistic approach to all these treatment methods with regards to the chemical needs and also the physical needs such as filtration coagulation, inorganic and organic removal, softeners, anti-scalants and de-scalers, anti-corrosives pH adjusters, disinfectants and so on.

Some of the brands that we use in these processes include but not limited to are;

  • Hydrex Range of Chemicals
  • Jacobi
  • Flocon
  • Aquachem
  • Nalco brands
  • Improchem

Wide Range of General Industrial Chemicals used for various water applications such as

  • Acids
  • alcohols
  • Flocculants
  • pH adjusters
  • CIP chemicals) among others.

Cooling Water Treatment

Both Open and Closed Loop Circulation Systems

This is achieved by;

  • use of CW of the right or specified water quality
  • Internal water treatment which is mainly by use of chemicals
  • Regular monitoring of the cooling water quality to ensure that there is no cross contamination from the process
  • to keep the active ingredients in the treatment chemicals within the range

In the end we maintain systems that are free of corrosion, scales, fouling and free of microbial contamination.

This makes these systems more efficient, more reliable, have extended lifespan and any abnormalities easily detectable

  • Boiler Water Treatment; Low Pressure (<40Bars) and Medium to High Pressure (>40-160Bar)

Here we ensure that the boilers are run safely and they are energy efficient and reliable by maintaining the highest possible standards as set by the OEM or the arbitrary accepted specifications.

We advise our clients on the best way to economically use the internal treatment chemicals by aiding them to have the right MU water in the system.

We also caution our clients on the operations that can have negative effects on the overall performance of the boiler system.

As water treatment specialists, we offer to maintain the boiler system water quality for our clients and leave operation bit to them as we ensure that the process is well maintained and efficiently run. This enables us to ensure that the chemical regime in place is the best for the kind of operation in use and that at no one time chemicals are used an upset to the system.

These approaches come in handy in ensuring that;

  • Boilers are free of corrosion
  • There is no scale formation in boilers and thus efficiency is maintained.
  • Steam and condensate systems are free of corrosion and leakages
  • Maximum use of resources by minimizing blowdown and economical use of chemicals and other resources such as fuel.
  • Professional boiler lay offs
  • Efficient Boiler management

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